Updated : 18/05/2024

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18/05/2024 11:28:27 PM
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How ChatGPT’s Russian-born genius sealed his fate after a shocking coup
The USA only had 20 of these potent Stealth craft. Now it has one less
Hobbyist computer company prepares £500m London listing
Former Royal Mail boss seeks to deliver post by drone
The US Army could not survive for long in a Ukraine level drone war
Soaring demand from power-hungry AI is derailing Biden’s green energy transition
‘Elon Musk of Essex’ prepares to call in administrators
Steve Jobs would have sacked everyone involved in Apple’s awful iPad advert
British tech companies to use EU’s powerful supercomputers as UK falls behind
‘This is my 85th job application – and so far I’ve only spoken to AI bots’
Chinese Uber rival revives UK launch plans
The US Army is getting new ‘Iron Fist’ technology – thanks to Ukraine war aid
Sorry, Gen Z, but this is why you need to pick up the phone
One in 50 crimes start on Facebook and Instagram
Britain has a ‘culture problem with business’, warns Darktrace chairman
Trump’s electric car ‘bloodbath’ is here already, courtesy of China-owned Volvo
Firepower crisis: The US Navy will lose 1500 missile launch tubes in the next few years
Huawei steals market share from Apple despite Western sanctions
The best MacBooks of 2024, tried and tested by an expert – which should you buy?
Look out, US Navy carriers: China’s hypersonic rocket drone is seen in the wild
Sunak to water down kids smartphone rules after industry backlash
Why Apple has a $300bn ‘Made in China’ problem
Australia’s 36-foot ‘Ghost Shark’ is just the first of the new, huge robot war submarines
The best gaming laptops of 2024 tried and tested for power, price and graphics
Tesla to speed up rollout of cheaper electric cars
Russia is constantly targeting our planes, pilots say – here’s how it happens
Elon Musk plots new direction after Tesla’s electric car crisis
Ukraine’s elite Azov brigade managed to steal a special Russian tank. This is why
The US Navy has an unmanned 5th generation carrier stealth jet. It could be a game changer
Google staff ordered to leave politics at home after anti-Israel protests
The fast delivery bubble has burst – its funders have serious questions to answer
‘Our clients prefer US stocks’, says founder of £2.8bn trading platform
New York threatens London’s fintech dominance, says Revolut UK chief
Snoop Dogg-backed cannabis biotech startup to quit ‘turbulent’ London stock market
Google backs London AI law firm in £9.5m funding round
Dozens of bailed-out tech start-ups miss deadlines to repay Covid loans
Melinda Gates quits Gates Foundation after divorce from Microsoft billionaire
Children deserve protection online
Royal Mail suitor Kretinsky eyes bid for troubled French tech giant
BT has best day since dotcom boom as first woman boss makes her mark
Beachgoers in Greece urged to snitch on firms that break sunbed rules
How ChatGPT’s Russian-born genius sealed his fate after a shocking coup
Duty of Care campaign
Bereaved parents will get access to children’s social media accounts in duty of care victory
Bereaved parents accuse Government of ‘watering down’ online safety laws
Under-16s could face limits on social media
The best gaming laptops of 2024 tried and tested for power, price and graphics
Kyle MacLachlan interview: ‘I’m drawn to the deep, dark and mysterious’
Jodie Comer’s pixelated hell: why Hollywood stars are ruining video games
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Scientific American
18/05/2024 11:28:15 PM
PsychologyMay 14, 2024Adolescent Anxiety Is Hard to Treat. New Drug-Free Approaches May Help
Do We Have Enough Bird Flu Vaccines for a Potential Pandemic?
How New Science Fiction Could Help Us Improve AI
New Folk Song Analysis Finds Similarities around the World
Lost Branch of the Nile May Solve Long-Standing Mystery of Egypt’s Famed Pyramids
Device Decodes ‘Internal Speech’ in the Brain
Spiderweb Thread Inspires Ultrasmall Microphones
The Strongest Solar Storm in 20 Years Did Little Damage, but Worse Space Weather Is Coming
Mental Time Travel Helps Birds Remember Food Stashes
Grizzly Bears Will Finally Return to Washington State. Humans Aren’t Sure How to Greet Them
Lifting the Veil on Near-Death Experiences
Revolutionary Genetics Research Shows RNA May Rule Our Genome
Adolescent Anxiety Is Hard to Treat. New Drug-Free Approaches May Help
Superheavy Elements Are Breaking the Periodic Table
Humans Are Driving a New Kind of Evolution in Animals
AnimalsMay 14, 2024Orcas Just Sank Another Yacht
Public HealthMay 10, 2024Brain Worms like the One in RFK, Jr.’s Head Are Actually a Global Problem
EcologyMay 14, 2024Humans Are Driving a New Kind of Evolution in Animals
SpacecraftMay 15, 2024A Brand-New Spacecraft Will Visit the International Space Station Soon
GeneticsMay 14, 2024Revolutionary Genetics Research Shows RNA May Rule Our Genome
AstronomyMay 14, 2024Sun Erupts with Largest Flare of This Solar Cycle, but Auroras Unlikely to Follow

18/05/2024 11:28:28 PM
Scientists solve mystery of ancient 'tree of life'
Pacific squid flashes its huge attack 'headlights'
27 new wild swimming sites for England - but are they clean?
Together in wonder: North America awed by total solar eclipse
Hottest February marks ninth new monthly record
UK quits treaty that lets oil firms sue government
The man on a mission to open up space to disability
European astronaut rookies make the grade
Nasa: 'New plan needed to return rocks from Mars'
Peter Higgs - the man who changed our view of the Universe
01:32What makes Billie Eilish's records 'eco-friendly'?, published at 01:32What makes Billie Eilish's records 'eco-friendly'?
18:12 16 MayMayor to 'double down not back down' on climate, published at 18:12 16 MayMayor to 'double down not back down' on climate

New Scientist

18/05/2024 11:28:15 PM
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18/05/2024 11:28:27 PM
This week's magazine
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Attenborough dominates our pick of 2024's best documentaries to date
How an audacious sonic survey could help revive damaged rainforests
We are about to hear echoes in the fabric of space for the first time
How overcoming negative attitudes to ageing can make you live longer
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1Einstein was right about the way matter plunges into black holes
2Longest-living cat breeds revealed by life expectancy study
3Keto diet may accelerate organ ageing
4Why did hominins like us evolve at all?
5Sunlight-trapping device can generate temperatures over 1000°C
6Who were the enigmatic Sea Peoples blamed for the Bronze Age collapse?
7How overcoming negative attitudes to ageing can make you live longer
8A lost branch of the river Nile flowed past the pyramids of Egypt
9Dozens of stars show signs of hosting advanced alien civilisations
10Physicists are grappling with their own reproducibility crisis
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18/05/2024 11:28:17 PM
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How to kill the ‘zombie’ cells that make you age Researchers are using new molecules, engineered immune cells and gene therapy to kill senescent cells and treat age-related diseases.
Experimental obesity drug packs double punch to reduce weight Test of weight-loss candidate in mice shows that there is still room for improvement in a burgeoning field.
‘Quantum internet’ demonstration in cities is most advanced yet news | 15 May 2024
Lizard-inspired building design could save lives nature podcast | 15 May 2024
Brain-reading device is best yet at decoding ‘internal speech’ news | 13 May 2024
Neglecting sex and gender in research is a public-health risk comment | 15 May 2024
Why mathematics is set to be revolutionized by AI Thomas Fink world view | 14 May 2024
Human embryos embrace asymmetry to form the body The cells generated by the very first division of the fertilized egg make a lopsided contribution to the body’s organs and tissues.
Hacking the immune system could slow ageing — here’s how Our immune system falters over time, which could explain the negative effects of ageing.
Controlled failure: The building designed to limit catastrophe New design - inspired by lizard tails - could save lives by isolating collapsing sections of damaged buildings
US halts funding to controversial virus-hunting group: what researchers think NEWS | 16 MAY 2024
Gut microbes linked to fatty diet drive tumour growth NEWS | 16 MAY 2024
Dazzling auroras are just a warm-up as more solar storms are likely, scientists say NEWS EXPLAINER | 13 MAY 2024
World’s brightest X-rays: China first in Asia to build next-generation synchrotron NEWS | 13 MAY 2024
A DARPA-like agency could boost EU innovation — but cannot come at the expense of existing schemes If Europe wants to create a high-risk, high-reward research body, it needs grass-roots backing.
Diana Wall obituary: ecologist who foresaw the importance of soil biodiversity obituary
Reinvent oil refineries for a net-zero future editorial
Forestry social science is failing the needs of the people who need it most Editorial
A DARPA-like agency could boost EU innovation — but cannot come at the expense of existing schemes Editorial
How to kill the ‘zombie’ cells that make you age News Feature
Strategic links save buildings from total collapse News & Views
A high-density and high-confinement tokamak plasma regime for fusion energy Article
Probing entanglement in a 2D hard-core Bose–Hubbard lattice Article
Balls of lightning and flames from the sky: can science explain? news and views
The phenomenon of genomic imprinting was discovered 40 years ago news and views
Vibration isolation could boost performance of near-infrared organic LEDs news and views
Vaccine-enhancing plant extract could be mass produced in yeast news and views
Why my heart beats for Nigeria’s endangered bats Iroro Tanshi works to better understand a number of threatened species.
How I fled bombed Aleppo to continue my career in science Aref Kyyaly’s quest to find a safe place, away from Syria, to do research taught him perseverance. Don’t give up, is his advice.
Decent work for all: why multinationals need a helping hand nature careers podcast
Illuminating ‘the ugly side of science’: fresh incentives for reporting negative results career feature
Explaining novel scientific concepts to people whose technical acumen does not extend to turning it off, then turning it on again Guided by the light.
Tashni’s first tunnel Digging deep.
How rich is too rich? book review
From multiverses to cities: Books in brief book review
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