Updated : 19/02/2018

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19/02/2018 11:47:10 PM
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The First Brit: Secrets of the 10,000 Year Old Man, review – a smartly told, fact-filled and inventive documentary
Did Neanderthals' poor art ability contribute to their extinction?
Lock up your livestock – and your dentures: the tricks of the raven
X-rays reveal secret side to Picasso's blue period masterpiece
Sleeping disorders and Parkinson's could be transferred by faecal transplants, scientists fear
Ovarian cancer can be passed on via fathers - and it strikes younger
Household cleaning products as bad for lung function as smoking, study finds
William Hague: Prepare for a political bumpy ride in 2018
Stroke risk greater for children who are short growing up - new study
Contaminated surgical instruments could pass on Alzheimer's protein, UCL study finds
Asthma 'blue' inhalers linked to infertility - new study
Stranger than The Shape of Water: the woman wooed by a dolphin 
The science behind why falling in love is easier on holiday
Ants armies use human-style battlefield medicine and treat each others' open wounds  - new study
New Alzheimer's drug offers hope for end to 'terrifying' psychosis affecting half of all patients
Theresa May waiting for a wave of confidence in 2018
Body of 18th century philosopher Jeremy Bentham to be shipped to US... after a little plumping 
Why you should avoid non-stick pots and pans if you want to lose weight
Eat slowly and avoid meals two hours before bedtime to stay slim, say scientists 
Why 'unattractive' women are more likely to cheat
Why alcohol makes people violent, solved by scientists 
Gallery: Engineering and Physical Sciences Photography Competition 2018
Professor Donald Lynden-Bell, astrophysicist – obituary
Women in The Archers avoid getting skin cancer thanks to 'the wellie protection factor'
Future of robotics vision is a praying mantis (wearing tiny red glasses)
Human eggs grown in lab for the first time in infertility 'breakthrough'
'Two years' extra life' for men with worst prostate cancer offers hope for 10,000 patients
Complete list of every full moon in 2018, including March's Worm Moon

Scientific American
19/02/2018 11:46:32 PM
Is Humanity Ready for the Discovery of Alien Life?
Can Security Measures Really Stop School Shootings?
"Sonic Weapon Attacks" on U.S. Embassy Don't Add Up--for Anyone
Is Humanity Ready for the Discovery of Alien Life?
Can Security Measures Really Stop School Shootings?
States Are Advancing Bills Designed to Lower Drug Costs with Importation Plans
FDA Okays First Concussion Blood Test--but Some Experts Are Wary
"Smarticle" Robot Swarms Turn Random Behavior into Collective Intelligence
Starfish Can See in the Dark (among Other Amazing Abilities)
Is Humanity Ready for the Discovery of Alien Life?
Behavior & Society
The Case for the "Self-Driven Child"
Trump's Science Advisor, Age 31, Has a Political Science Degree
Stronger Than Steel, Able to Stop a Speeding Bullet--It's Super Wood!
Cognitive Ability and Vulnerability to Fake News
Could Dogs Help Save the Mongolian Steppe?
A Compendium of AI-Composed Pop Songs
Is Art Created by AI Really Art?
Sewage Shows the Way to a Novel Diabetes Vaccine
Stemming the Plastic Tide: 10 Rivers Contribute Most of the Plastic in the Oceans
Winter Olympics: Could Plastic "Ice" Help Overcome Bias toward Colder Countries?
Olympic Clothing Designers Try to Beat the Cold with Technology
Olympic Big Air Snowboarders Use Physics to Their Advantage

19/02/2018 11:47:15 PM
Family & Education
Entertainment & Arts
How vampire bats became bloodthirsty
Science & Environment
Full article How vampire bats became bloodthirsty
The CIA secret on the ocean floor
Full article The CIA secret on the ocean floor
France to let wolf population grow
Full article France to let wolf population grow
'Loneliest tree' records human epoch
Science & Environment
Full article 'Loneliest tree' records human epoch
Consumer products 'affecting air quality'
Science & Environment
Full article Consumer products 'affecting air quality'

New Scientist
19/02/2018 11:47:11 PM
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Electronic skin animates heartbeat on the back of your handA flexible e-skin containing a few hundred micro LEDs can display your vital signs or messages from your doctor
CRISPR has fixed the genetic cause of a learning disability
Will a new wave of smart glasses make us ‘glassholes’ again?
A single atom is visible to the naked eye in this stunning photo
We thought gorillas only walked on their knuckles. We were wrong
Three photons stick together to create a new form of light
Shampoo is causing air pollution, but let’s not lose our heads
People are slaughtering orangutans and wiping them out
Stem cells zapped with radiation can protect mice from cancer
Bats’ hairy tongues are perfectly adapted for lapping up nectar
Surgical instruments may spread Alzheimer’s proteins
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19/02/2018 11:46:46 PM
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The quantum internet has arrived (and it hasn’t) Networks that harness entanglement and teleportation could enable leaps in security, computing and science.
news Ocean-wide sensor array provides new look at global ocean current
comment Find drugs that delay many diseases of old age
news Household chemicals rival vehicles as smog source
news CRISPR hack transform?s cells into data recorders
Train PhD students to be thinkers not just specialists
The quantum internet has arrived (and it hasn’t)
A molecular atlas of cell types and zonation in the brain vasculature
news Deluge of astronomical data will soon hit South Africa 3 min read
news Tree rings reveal increased fire risk for southwestern US 4 min read
news Primitive fish's sea-floor shuffle illuminates the origins of walking 4 min read
news Wild primates threaten efforts to wipe out skin disease 2 min read
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Research Highlight The life-saving care provided by ant medics
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